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Sammy’s World Tour


Hi! This is Galit & Lucia. We met just over a year ago in Vancouver while I (Galit) was visiting Sam for the last time. Lucia has been one of Sammy’s Loving Angels and very close friend. In January we reconnected in Nosara, Costa Rica along with Jesse on one of Sammy’s final stops.

The past year has been a big one for good-byes and letting go. We have celebrated Sam far and wide, strengthening our connections with each other, which is a gift that Sammy left with us. She knew how to introduce her friends to one another, creating special bonds, and it would seem that her matchmaking skills are still impeccable!

We like to think of 2013 as the year of Sammy’s World Tour. Per her instructions, her ashes were brought to all the places that she loved and which represented special times, people, memories… and life. From Vancouver to Wales to Nosara and Burning Man, Sammy traveled the globe one last time. We feel that she intended this tour more for us, than for herself… another gift that she left us with. We were able to remember and grieve our Sam while being present and feeling the moment, together.

Here is a picture of the place in Wales, where some of Sam’s ashes have been scattered by her loving mom, Jen, who takes some comfort in knowing that her own ashes will be spread there too when the time comes.

In Nosara we planned “One more sunset with Sammy”. It was a memorial and celebration of her sparkly spirit in a place and with the people who meant so much to her. We shared personal stories and memories in a sacred circle, released her ashes into the Pacific as the sun set and sent our messages of love into the sky… the wish lanterns floated away in ever-changing constellations.

The circle where we shared our memories and stories

Silently sharing one more sunset with Sam

Sending love-filled messages


Sammy lived her life by example… following her heart, finding her joy and being completely present. We are reminded of this message every day: Feel this moment.

 With love & light,

Galit & Lucia





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