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Hi everyone, Thanks to all of you who have been reaching out recently wondering how I am doing. An update is long overdue. The summer passed all too quickly and I have had a lot of great adventures – including … Read more

The Sammy 10 Pound Challenge!


Our beautiful Sammy is finally home — and she obviously brought the sunshine with her! Last week, we were able to jump right in to one of our usual peaceful beach walks with my son Theo. We even took extra … Read more

I’m Coming Home!


Hi everyone! Great news… Actually two bits of great news: I had my follow up appointment yesterday and got the A-Ok to fly home! Yay! And even more exciting than that, my tumor marker – yes the one that has … Read more

Last but not least. . .


Well, Sam had her follow up appointment today. Everything is healing well. The big news is that her tumor marker came back 36. For those of you who don’t remember it was in the thousands previously. For the first time … Read more

Recovery in Cape Cod


As of Tuesday Sam was feeling good enough that we decided Cape Cod would be a nice place to chill out for the weekend. Our friend Lisa arrived Wednesday night and we drove to the Cape Yesterday. The last two … Read more

All tubes are out


I’m happy so say that Sam is recovering well from the second surgery. All the tubes are out, her appetite is coming back, and if all goes well they will let her out tomorrow. We will be heading to her … Read more

The Latest


Sam has just come out of the O.R. She did well. It was about 2 1/2 hours in total. I received updates all the way through from Alison and spoke to the surgeon after the case and it seems like … Read more

Here we go again


Here we go again. The preliminary culture of the fluid in Sam’s chest cavity on the right shows a possible early infection. They have now placed a chest tube drain back into the right side and started antibiotics. With the … Read more

Back to Boston


Well, it’s been just over a month since surgery and Sam was recovering very slowly out east but has hit a bit of a bump in the road. Earlier this week she started feeling a bit off and had a … Read more

Update from ‘mum’


Hello to all, I arrived in Boston from Vancouver on May 26th and Auntie Phil (AP), Sam and I drove to AP’s lovely house in Glens Falls NY the next day.  Sam coped well with the 3-hour journey thanks to … Read more