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Samantha June Walker February 12th, 1970 – April 25th, 2013


Samantha June Walker February 12th, 1970 – April 25th, 2013

Over the years, months and days that had been held in the presence of cancer, Samantha never stopped believing in the endless possibilities for her life and her health. Since her diagnosis in October 2001, she was committed to being fully present in her life. She practiced yoga and traveled the world connecting with others through her camera lens.  Sam endured numerous surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. She was always radiant and courageous, vulnerable and exposed, and brave but reflective. Sam was also feisty and stubborn which allowed the energy of her inner warrior to continue the fight. She suggested that her resilience came from her circle of family and friends and the belief that it just wasn’t her time but we know that incredible power came from within herself. The love she had for each of us has contributed to our lives in immeasurable ways. Sam was never happier than when she was generously sharing her talents with friends and family. Her aesthetic eye, attention to detail and her tenacity to create the perfect work seemed effortless. Sam’s gift as a photographer allowed us to see the world differently however her presence was the most sacred gift of all as it allowed us to see ourselves differently. With Jesse and Alison holding her hands and surrounded by love, near and far, Samantha June Walker left this world April 25th, 2013 at 7:05PM to explore the heavens and truly become one with the divine. She is now off on the trip she never planned on taking so soon, but on a journey for which she had been preparing for a lifetime. We will welcome her love and presence in our lives everyday, always and forever, and we will remember her courage, grace and love until we see her again. In honour of Sam’s life, we will host a gathering in Vancouver in early July 2013. More information will be posted shortly. Donations can be made in memory of Samantha June Walker in support of ‘Camp Goodtimes’: a camp for children with cancer organised through the Canadian Cancer Society.

Please click on the above link and go to “Where would you like to designate your donation” and select “Support – Camp Goodtimes”.

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