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By now many of you have heard that Samantha’s cancer was not completely removed by the surgeries done in Boston last summer. The trials of chemotherapy that she underwent earlier this year were also unsuccessful. We are left with no curative treatments are now focusing on keeping Sam’s mind and body comfortable. She has weakened significantly since any of you saw her last. Eating and drinking are extremely limited as is her mobility. It has been a difficult battle to say the least. I will tell you Sam has been as strong and brave as anyone I have ever seen go through this kind of fight, and I have had the misfortune of witnessing many of these fights before.

We are at home where Sam wants to be. Either Alison or I are here with her always. With added support from a team of doctors and nurses we are simply helping Sam to be as comfortable as possible. Pain and anti-nausea medications are given around the clock and we hope this keeps her in a peaceful state.

Many of you obviously care deeply for her and have asked to see her. She cares for you too! Sam truly appreciates your friendships and thoughts. However at this particular time she is not seeing any visitors. These are her wishes. It’s part of a plan that she made a few weeks ago and Alison and I are going to make sure things happen as she wants them. Seeing loved ones can generate a plethora of emotions which can place a huge mental stress on her. Please know she is only trying to protect herself and you from those stresses when she says she doesn’t want to see you. Even in her weakened state she still worries about how all of you are doing. Incredible.

I am siting in bed beside her and I can tell you she is resting peacefully right now. She would want you to take solace in that.


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